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Do I need a doctor's referral for physiotherapy treatment?

Not necessarily - you can refer yourself directly for physiotherapy if you are self funding.  However, if your private health insurance covers you for treatment you will probably need a referral from your family doctor.  Please check details with your health insurance company.


Will my doctor be informed that I am having physiotherapy treatment?

We will contact your doctor to keep them informed regarding your condition and progress of your treatment.  At the end of a course of treatment we will write to your doctor to summarize treatment provided and progress made, unless you request otherwise.


Will I be seen at the time of my appointment?

All patients are given timed appointments and we endeavour to keep to these times.  Occasionally, usually because of unforseen circumstances, we may be slightly delayed. 


How long does a physiotherapy appointment last?

Appointments last between 30-90 minutes. Your physio will let you know what length of treatment session you require.


How many treatment sessions will I need?

At your first appointment your physiotherapist will assess your condition.  The situation will be discussed with you and an estimate provided of how many additional treatments, if needed, will be required and over what time period.  Should this change during your course of treatment, the physiotherapist will discuss this with you and advise you accordingly.


What are the typical waiting times for an appointment?

We endeavour to see patients as quickly as possible.  Waiting times may vary, depending on the demand for our services, but our goal is always to treat patients as promptly as possible.


What should I do if I can't attend my physiotherapy appointment for any reason?

Contact us and inform us straight away.  We do not charge for cancellations where we receive more than 24 hours notice, but please tell us as soon as possible and do not wait until the day before if you can tell us sooner, as we may be able to offer your appointment to another patient. 


What should I wear to a physiotherapy appointment?

You might prefer to wear loose, comfortable clothing to your appointment.